Get Bitcoin Backed Loan Today in minutes    

When We are in need of Money We Simply Borrow Money Friends, Family, Neighbours or Take a Loan From bank

In Case Of Crypto We Do the Exactly Same as We do in the term of Fiat Loan

The Difference Between Traditional loan Method and Digital Crypto backed Loan Are a little Bit Different than Each Other

Centralized Loan Platform or Traditional Loan Platform First Accepts Our Request and Then  Give us a loan but in the Decentralized System You can Get a Loan Just By Submitting Your identity Documents No need Of Application

Traditional Loan Pays Us in Fiat Cash or bank transfer or Over the counter
Crypto Loan Pays us in Digital cash like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Tron,Stellar

In Traditional loan method We Need to Keep Our Property, Asset, House, Car Etc as a Mortage and In crypto loans We need to Keep Our digital Assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin as Mortage

Crypto loan can be withdrawed by Bank or Stable Currency by putting Bitcoin as Mortage

In this post I will be Writing about Top Crypto backed platforms That Gives loan in seconds after submitting a Request

Things You will Learn from Article

  • Different loan platform names
  • Comparing details
  • Interest rate and Ltv
  • Collateral and Minumum loan amount
  • Withdraw method
  • Supported currency for collateral
  • Deposit and withdraw fee
  • Feature advantage , disadvantage

Crypto Platforms To Take a Loan

Blockfi - Crypto backed loan 

New York based Blockfi is a Cryptocurrency backed loan platform that offers loan on Crypto currency collateral. Blockfi was founded in 2017

Blockfoffers loan in Digital Usd and Fiat Usd backed by Digital Assets like bitcoin, Ethereum and litecoin

Blockfi will provide loans at a maximum loan to value ratio (LTV) of 50% With a minimum of 4.5% interest per year and a extra 2% origination fee applied

To apply for a loan you have create a account first then have to verify your account with requested documents like National Id, Driving licence, Passport, Address Verification and Have to Deposit the collateral amount in bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum

You can also create a interest account if you want to earn interest by holding your funds on the platform

Advantage (blockfi)

  • Account needs to be full Verified before applying for a loan
  • Loan interest rate (4.5)%
  • Interest account available for bitcoin and Ethereum
  • High loan amount ($10 million)

Disadvantage (blockfi)

  • Organization fee 2%
  • Low interest on interest account
  • Only three collateral currency
  • 50% Ltv ( loan to Value)

Nexo - Crypto backed loan platform

Nexo is Another crypto currency backed loan platform . They accept bitcoin, litecoin,tron,stellar,ethereum,nexo,binance coin, stable coin ( tusd, usdt, usdc,gemini) as collateral

Nexo is different than other wallets and loan providers. They are providing insurance over your funds And have a insurance with bitgo.if the platform website gets hacked you wont lose your funds because of this Insurance with bitgo

Currently interest rate is charged 16% Apr, but can be reduced to 8% Apr using NEXO cryptocurrency as collateral. 
Nexo loan process does not require any credit checks therefore borrowers can get a Bitcoin loan without verification 

Advantage ( Nexo)

  • Funds are Secured by Bitgo insurance
  • Multiple cryptocurrency options as collateral
  • Stable coins are accepted and high interest rate on stable currency
  • Upto 90% ltv on stable coins

Disadvantage (Nexo)

  • High Interest Rate
  • Low ltv (15)%
  • Verification Required
  • Only credit line loan

Ethlend: Crypto loan platform

Ethland is a crypto backed ethereum loan dapp

ETHLend is a fully decentralized financial marketplace built on top of the Ethereum Network. lenders and borrowers Can create peer to peer lending agreements in a secure way using Blockchain and Smart Contracts. Users can borrow funds in digital assets .Ethlend Supprots bitcoin, litecoin,Ethereum,Dai, Tether and 200+ Erc -20 Tokens


  • Built on Ethereum blockchain,fully secured
  • Multiple Currency Available to use
  • No platform fee to take a loan
  • Low interest rate
  • Peer to peer system


  • Verification Required
  • Need to purchase membership
  • Only Ethereum backed token are allowed
  • Fiat currency are not allowed

Coinloan: Peer to Peer loan platform

Coinloan is a Peer to Peer loan platform for loan lender and loan borrowers. coinloan is a estonia based crypto backed loan platform

Coinloan platform allows borrowers to choose their asset currency from Usd, Euro, Gbp, Rub and stable  cryptocurrency like dai,usdc,tusd  loan in several stablecoins

Coinloan accepts bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin for collateral and allow users to deposit and withdraw their collateral anytime they want. Coinloan provides 20% ltv on their crypto currency token coinloan
Coinloan allows borrowers and lenders to take and provide loan thru a peer to peer system. The loan interest varies from 7% to 15% and the borrower has to pay 1 to 3% fee to borrow a loan

Advantage (Coinloan)

  • Peer to peer lending system
  • 60% ltv ( loan to value)
  • Stable coin accepted as collateral and provide loans on collateral
  • Multiple currency are Available

Disadvantage (coinloan)

  • Few loan providers
  • Low ltv ( loan on value) for Native playform currency
  • Low liqudity

Moneytoken: Get a Crypto loan

Money token had a Successful ico and it was promoted by bitcoin cash creator Roger ver.

Money token uses their native currency to provide loan to its customers. They have around 5 to 6.5% interest on borrowed crypto and 50% ltv (loan to value). They use bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin as collateral funds and provides loan in stable coins like Usdt, usdc, dai,tusd etc

Moneytoken is not that popular among people yet for its platform but it grained a lot attention from the investor during its ico time. Money aims to provide crypto backed lown thru their platform on ant country on the world

Advantage (Moneytoken)

  • Multiple stable currency available
  • Withdraw to bank available
  • Stable currency Collateral  available
  • Low interest on borrowing loan

Disadvantage (Money token)

  • Verification required before applying losn or withdrawing funds
  • High loan requirements
  • Membership required

Salt lending: Peer to Peer loan

Salt is a Ethereum loan dapp also a peer to peer crypto backed loan platform like ethlend. Salt uses peer to peer system to take or borrow loan

All the work are done by people using the platform.If you hold a lot of your assets in cryptocurrency and want a loan, the only way to get a loan is to stake or hold them on the platform and apply for another cryptocurrency backed loan like stable coins

Loan can be also taken using their native ethereum backed token (Salt). If your using salt as a collateral than you have to pay loan interest and can enjoy high ltv (loan to value) Salt offers 50 ltv and 5% interest on loan

Advantage (Salt)

  • High ltv ( loan to value)
  • Low interest on borrowing loan
  • Special feature on using native currency salt as collateral
  • Multiple fiat currency supported
  • Peer to peer system
  • Multiple stablet currency supported

Disadvantage (Salt)

  • Need verification
  • Need to purchase membership
  • Low interest for borrowers
  • Low liqudity

Celsius: Decentralized Crypto loan

Celsius is crypto currency backed loan platform that aim to deliver secure crypto backed loan to customers.

Celsius is a decentralized crypto backed loan platform. it's a peer to peer platform that allows borrowers and lender to interacte with each other thru their platform.


Celsius is using the power of blockchain and blockchain based tokens to provide loan and to secure it's users using ethereum blockchain
Anyone who wants a cash loans can apply  immediately and can get a crypto backed cash loans at 4.95% annual rate. They Provide loans on btc, eth, litecoin,bitcoin cash, ripple and other stable coins. They accept stable coin as collateral and provide upto 60% ltv ( loan to value)

Advantage (Celsius)

  • Peer to peer platform
  • High interest rate.
  • Multiple currency supported
  • Stable coin supported.
  • High interest in native currency Celsius
Backed by insurance

Disadvantage (Celsius)

  • membership required
  • Verification required
  • Low ltv (loan to platform)
  • Low interest rate
  • Few lenders

Final Word's: If your looking for a loan or want to earn by holding your funds use Nexo platform its currently best in both cases