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Bitcoin's Largest Wallet Block chain Wallet Recently Announce Launch of There Official Blockchain Wallet Based Exchange
Blockchain’s head of retail products, TD Ameritrade alum Nicole Sherrod, told the custodial exchange, called The Pit Exchange can connect to non-custodial Blockchain wallets for nearly instant transfers, With the ability to trade up to 26 assets rolling out From August 1

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Nearly 40 million wallets are  already created and an exchange matching-engine set up in London So That  PIT Exchange can Attract More Trader For More liquidity than competitors.

Sherrod added, the exchange will measure speed in microseconds like other traditional asset exchanges.
Blockchain is prioritizing diverse token offerings over margin trading options and the bitcoin software update SegWit, both of which are also on the road map for Upcoming Years.

Only time will tell if the New revenue of Blockchain Flows Users generated Money through transaction fees will justify this expansion with the heavily saturated exchange space.
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