Tron - Decentralized Network
Tron is a Decentralized Platform that Allow you to Create and Use Decentralized Dapps (App) Using their Network.

In this Article We will Be Writing about Some of Best Software Wallets You can Use To Store Tron

Tronscan - Tron Web Wallet

Tronscan is a Web Wallet, You can Grain Access To your Wallet From Any Web Browser. Sign in , Sign Up Using a Private key. Use it anytime You want. Software Version Availabile in Andriod and IOS

Tronlink - Tron Wallet

Tron link is a Software wallet built by Tron Official Developers. You can use it To Store Tron and Tron Network Dapps (App) 

Atomic Software Wallet

Atomic Is a Multi crypto currency Wallet. You can store Tron as well as Other Major Crypto Currency on it

Cobo - Software & Hardware Wallet

Like Atomic Wallet You can Store Multiple Currencies and Can Carry it Anywhere You want.

It has a Software and Hardware Version Availabile

Houbi wallet - Houbi Ex Wallet

Houbi is a Well known Crypto Currency Exchange. It also has a Crypto Wallet that Can be used to Store Tron. You can Use it to Store Tron