Thursday, October 25, 2018

Earn Basic Attention Token | Earn $5 Daily

    Earn Basic Attention Tokens     

1) Go to the link (Download Brave browser)

2) Download their Browser from Website

3) Create a Publisher Account To Receive Payments Monthly

link: (Create Publisher account)

4) Create a Uphold Account and Complete Verification 

5) Now Login to Your publisher account 

Connect Your Publishers Account With Your Uphold Account

6) Watch This Video To Claim Free $5 From Browser Every Month ( Dekstop or Phone)

Video link : (Watch the video and claim $5)

7) Use The Browser Everyday To Active account Fully to Receive Payments and Get Free $5 Dollar Every month

8) Every 8th day of Each Month You Will Receive Funds on your Uphold Account . You Can directly Withdraw Them To Your Bank Account From Your Uphold Account

9)Take Payment and  Enjoy Earning 

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